Giorgio Moroder is one of my biggest influences in music - ever. 

He pioneered so many things, so many sounds - I love them all and I've decided to work on a Giorgio Moroder Tribute Mix. There is such great material to work with: "Harmony" Suzi Lane, "I Feel Love" Donna Summer, "Flashdance" Irene Cara, "The Runner" The Three Degrees... and "Sunset People" for heaven's sake!!!!!! I love his hypnotic melodic trippy disco sound. Upon first hearing Giorgio Moroder's own anthem "I Want To Rock You", I knew I was hearing the sound of the future - so fresh, utterly new and yet it worked beautifully - never too sweet and never too techno cold - such good stuff.

In my opinion... he CREATED modern music.

I thought I'd share this awesome peek of the legendary Giorgio Moroder. Oh did I mention... that he created the first extended disco mix (Love To Love You Baby), created the standard 4 on the floor drum loop AND created the first high energy disco song (I Feel Love)? Yes- he created and defined an entire genre of music.

Pure Genius!